The fat lady has sung…

Well.. it is time to put the manicmanicurist to rest. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my thoughts here, meeting friends, receiving support and so much more  for  the last 3+ years.  Truly, this blog saved me so many times, I can’t even count the ways.

I am moving…literally and figuratively.  And it is time to leave this blog behind. I will still be reading all of your blogs.

Some of you know my email address, feel free to contact me and I will let you know where I land.



24 Responses to The fat lady has sung…

  1. Summer says:

    I’m so sorry to see you go. I wish you every happiness in life. Things will look up soon.I wish you would let us know how things work out. Take care Sandi.

  2. gnomeselfbetrue says:

    Good luck to you.
    I hope you get the world around you resolved soon.

  3. Lori says:

    Sandi: I’ve been in bed for the past week with the flu-from-hell. Email me and let me know what’s up. Lori

  4. Lori says:

    Sandi: I’ve been in bed for the past week with the flu-from-heck. Email me and let me know what’s up. Lori

  5. Mocha Dad says:

    I wish you well in all of our endeavors. Take care and don’t forget to laugh.

  6. greeny says:

    OH, gosh! I’ll miss you. All the good blogs are disappearing. What’s a girl to do?
    Wishing every happiness and good wish.

  7. chelle says:

    ok girl…what’s up???

  8. Shelli says:

    What?! Are you okay? Let me know if you need something.

  9. d-man says:


  10. Tuesday says:

    I’m so sad to see you leave!! Take care of yourself.

  11. Marinkina says:

    1 п. “Не имей сто друзей, а имей сто шекелей” тоже хорошо рифмуется 🙂
    8 п. Ты никогда не потеряешь работу. Когда закончатся фотографии можно размещать рисунки (да хоть бы и конкурс объявить на лучший рисунок Одри (-:), аппликации и фотографии поделок из пластилина…
    9 п. Сто пудов ! 🙂

  12. Ferinannnd says:

    красиво, сделал! Благодарю!!!

  13. Acaxianuawn says:

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  15. barbysim says:

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  17. Драйв says:

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  19. Schedule says:

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  21. I wish you well in all of MP3 our endeavors. Take care and don’t forget to laugh.

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  23. Pxpotmch says:

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